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Computer Vision

Computer Vision

Computer Vision (CV), is the field which extracts useful information from images. CV has been flourishing as a research field since the 1950s and is considered one of the most promising investment sectors in the near future with a 3-fold increase in venture capital funding in 2017-2018.

Outside the obvious applications in IT, security and mobile applications, CV is particularly relevant to the New Zealand ecosystem in critical sectors such as forestry, farming, marine science and environmental conservation amongst many others. The vehicle for CV research and commercial activities at the University of Auckland is the Intelligent Vision Systems Lab - IVSLab ( which provides an extensive range of computing capabilities, and a plethora of sensing apparatus to tackle both theoretical and practical CV problems.

Internationally, The IVSLab team has multi-disciplinary research and exchange engagements with European, Mexican and Japanese partners through EU and UoA/MBIE/RSNZ funding. Nationally, The CV group routinely engages with University and Commercial partners with several currently funded projects in Agritech and IT areas. UG and PG students keen to tackle theoretical and practical CV problems should enroll COMPSCI 373 and COMPSCI 773.

All students within and outside Computer Science are welcomed to apply to our range of multi-disciplinary projects:

Members (academic staff or PhD students):

Academic staff: 

Patrice DelmasGeorgy Gimel’farbDamir Azhar (Lab manager), Wannes van der Mark (Research programmer (Lead))

PhD students:

Arabella Anderson, Mihailo Azhar, James Cooper, Trevor Gee