School of Computer Science

Computational Biology


The computational biology research focus in the Department of Computer Science includes collaborations with the Schools of Biological Sciences and Psychology, and the Departments of Physics and Statistics. The work in this research group can be broadly categorized as computational biology and evolution. We all share an interest in developing software tools and probabilistic models for understanding phylogenetics and population genetics from genes to genomes. General research interests include:

  • Statistical models and algorithms for understanding biomolecular sequence evolution, structure and function
  • Genomic sequence analysis
  • Coalescent-based population genetics
  • Virus and species evolution
  • Evolutionary theory, complexity theory and their intersection
  • Phylogenetic software development


Members (academic staff or PhD students):

Academic staff:
Professor Alexei DrummondDr David WelchDr Simone LinzDr Matthew EgbertDr Remco Bouckaert

PhD students:
Roman Oliynyk, Jordan Douglas, Jonathan Klawitter, Rong Zhang, Jing Yang, Christiaan Swanepoel, Kylie Chen

Research Programmer:
Dr Walter Xie

More information:

Centre for Computational Evolution (CCE), hosted at the Department of Computer Science, was set up to promote collaborations in computational biology research. CCE brings together researchers who share an interest in developing software tools and computational models for understanding evolution and molecular ecology from genes to genomes. This approach spans fields as diverse as evolutionary biology, epidemiology, linguistics, culture, ecology and the origin of life.