School of Computer Science

Intelligent Systems and Informatics

Dr Mike Barley

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Associate Professor Patrice Delmas

Research topics  Co-supervisor/s Status/Current student
Accurate 3D scene modelling by fusion of active range and passive stereo data. Professor Georgy Gimel'farb Chan, Edwin
(PhD student)

Dr Matthew Egbert

Research topics  Co-supervisor/s Status/Current student
Enactive AI: Using computer models to understand intentionality, emotion, and other subjective aspects of mind - -
Origins of Life: How can we use computer simulations to understand how life emerged in a non‐living universe? - -
Evolutionary Robotics: Simulating evolution to design unconventional robot‐controllers

Claire Postlethwaite in Maths


Professor Georgy Gimel'farb

Research topics  Co-supervisor/s Status/Current student
Energy minimisation-based stereo matching with due account of multiple equivalent solutions. Dr Patrice Delmas Gong, Rui
(PhD student)
Image and video processing, computer vision, pattern recognition and medical image analysis. Dr Patrice Delmas


Liu, Ni
(PhD student)

High-order Markov-Gibbs random fields for texture modelling. Dr Pat Riddle

Versteegen, Ralph
(PhD student)

Dr Ninh Pham

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Dr Yun Sing Koh

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Dr Jiamou Liu

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Dr Patricia Riddle

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Professor Jim Warren

Research topics  Co-supervisor/s Status/Current student
Health system usage for cardiovascular risk management   Feiyu Hu (PhD Student),
William Hsu (PhD Student) 
Health screening and mental health promotion (e-therapy).   Contact

Associate Professor Ian Watson

Research topics  Co-supervisor/s Status/Current student
Development of macro and micro-level assistive agents for real-time strategy games using case-based reasoning and reinforcement learning.  

Robertson, Glen (PhD student)


Creating human-level AI in strategy games using hybrid CBR/RL.   Wender, Stefan
(PhD student)

Dr Joerg Wicker

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Dr Kaiqi Zhao

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