School of Computer Science

Completed Graduate Theses

Both the doctoral and masters programmes require students to complete a theses documenting their research findings. All theses are available from the General Library and are also kept in the school's own collection.

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Degree Graduate Thesis Title Supervisor


Constraint Solving for User Interface Layout Problems

Dr Christof Lutteroth

Tsang,Sidney Lok Ting

Fraud Detection in Online Auctions

Prof Gill Dobbie


Multi-target Tracking - From Drosophila Melanogaster to Pedestrians -

Prof. Reinhard Klette

Meads,Andrew John Dennis

A Holistic Approach to Mobile Service Provisioning

Dr Ian Warren

Stay,Michael Aden

Physics and Computation

Prof Cristian Calude


Towards Unsupervised Citation Classification

Prof Gill Dobbie

Abdul Jalil,Safurah Binti

Instructional strategies for the visual aesthetics of user interface design:
Incorporating game-based learning into a modular multi-structural approach

Assoc-Prof Beryl Plimmer

Huang,David Tse Jung

Change Mining and Analysis for Data Streams

Dr Yun Sing Koh


Dynamic Scheduling Algorithms: Theory and Practice.

Prof Bakh Khoussainov

Roughton,Adam Bede

Virtual Crowd Interactive Applications

Dr Ian Warren

Nguyen,Minh Hoang

High-Fidelity 3D Structure Recovery Using Hybrid Image-based Modelling

Dr Burkhard Wuensche

Abbott,Alastair Avery

Value Indefiniteness, Randomness and Unpredictability in Quantum Foundations

Prof Cristian Calude
MSc Hung, Tobey Finding internet route changes Nevil Brownlee 
MSc Litvinenko, Ilya Visualising the semantics of uncertain data in probabalistic SQL tables Sebastian Link


Degree Graduate Thesis Title Supervisor
PhD Ralf Haeusler Stereo Vision for Challenging Image Data Klette
PhD Pita Jarupunphol Using Buddhist Insights to Analyse the Cause of System Project Failures Thomborson
PhD Ratheesh Kalarot Real Time Stereo on GPU with Application to Precision 3D Tracking Morris
PhD Waqar Ahmed Khan Accuracy of Stereo-Based Object Tracking in a Driver Assistance Context Klette
PhD Denise Kuhnert Unifying the molecular evolution and host population dynamics of rapidly evolving pathogens Drummond
PhD Habib Naderi  Methods of Multihoming for Internet Protocol Version 6 Brownlee
PhD Minh Nguyen An Online Interactive Web-based Stereo Vision Framework: Design and Applications Delmas
PhD Mahdi Rezaei Hybrid Driver Assistance System, Based on Road Environment & Driver's Vigilance Monitoring Klette
PhD Paul Schmieder Basic Shape Recognition for Sketch Input Plimmer
PhD Jaspaljeet Singh Healthcare4Life: A Ubiquitous Patient-Centric Telehealth System Wuensche
PhD Moon Ting Su  Understanding Architecture through Traceable Documentation Tempero
PhD Huiling Wu  Formal Systems for Autonomic Computing Nicolescu
PhD Clemens Zeidler Leveraging Constraint-based Layout for User Interface Customization Lutteroth
MSc Ting-Yen Chen Animated Non-Photorealistic Rendering - Multiple Styles Klette
MSc Michael Fowler Linguistic Models, Zipf's Law, and Textual Stratification Calude
MSc Marvin Hansen Concurrency correctness in Scala Tempero
MSc Umesh Kumar Vehicle Detection in Monocular Night-Time Grey-Level Videos Klette
MSc Juan Lin Hough or not Hough for Pedestrian Detections Klette
MSc Bo Liu Validation of Application Semantics with XML Schema Link
MSc Qingnan Liu Mobile Stereo Vision Process Performance Assessment: Local versus Remote Processing Delmas
MSc Kevin Norris Improving Statistical Anomaly Exploitation in Texas Hold'em Poker Watson
MSc Tu Qian An Investigation of Steganalysis Techniques Manoharan
MSc Brent Whiteley Iterative Design and Fabrication of Tangible Objects Plimmer
MSc Andrew Wilson Expression-based automated deception detection with computer vision techniques Delmas/Gimel'farb/Wuensche
MSc Lin Zhang Learning Conjunctive SQL Queries by Example Link
MSc Minmin Zhang Change detection in pattern stream mining Dobbie/Koh
MSc Shunjie Zhen Neuroevolution for Micromanagment in Real-Time Strategy Games Watson
MSc Laya Zarif Soltani A Large Scale Data Migration to Integrated GIS Applications with Highly Constrained Timeframe and Resources Amor


Degree Graduate Thesis Title Supervisor
PhD Xiaofan Emily Chen Automated Documentation to Code Traceability Link Recovery and Visualization Grundy/Tempero
PhD Reyhaneh Reyhani Strategic Manipulation in Voting Systems Wilson
PhD Jonathan Rubin On the Construction, Maintenance and Analysis of Case-Based Strategies in Computer Poker Watson
PhD Santiago Franco Automatic Heuristic Selection, on a Problem by Problem Basis, Using an Analytical Model and In Situ Sampling Barley
PhD Muhammad Shaban Jokhio Goal-based Testing of Semantic Web Services Dobbie/Sun
MSc Egor Ianovski Computable component-wise reducibility Nies
MSc Danny Ming-Hung Wei EBM: A quantiative usability model for video games Lutteroth
MSc Andrew Probert An algebraic prepresentation of branch decomposition Dinneen
MSc Denny Riadi Automated contact centre solution using case-based reasoning Watson/Warren J
MSc Yihui Zheng Segmentation and detection of footprints of small species Klette/Manoharan
MSc Jupeng Zheng An adaptive trust-based reputation system for web service with robustness against strategic manipulation Ye


Degree Graduate Thesis Title Supervisor
PhD Shafiq Alam Clustering, Swarms and Recommender Systems Dobbie
PhD Aniruddh Gandhi Automata and game theoretic models of computation Khoussainov
PhD Alfonso Gastélum-Strozzi Smoothing Particle Hydrodynamics parallel implementation for numerical modelling of solid-fluid interactions Delmas
PhD Yun-Bum Kim Distributed Algorithms in Membrane Systems Nicolescu/Dinneen
PhD Andrew Luxton-Reilly The Design and Evaluation of StudySieve, a Tool that supports Student-Generated Free-Response Quesitons, Answers and Evaluations Plimmer
PhD Alexander Melnikov Computability and Structure Khoussainov
PhD Sandino Morales Chavez Vision-Based Driver Assistance Klette
PhD Muhammad Asif Naeem Efficient Joins to Process Stream Data Dobbie
PhD Mehwish Riaz Maintainability Prediction for Database-Driven Software Applications Tempero
PhD Muhammad Sulayman Software Process Improvement for Medium and Small Software Development Organisations Tempero
PhD Jonathan Teutenberg On the Transformation of Accent Riddle
MSc Mao Cai Concurrency protocols for a message queue on a triplestore Weber/Lutteroth
MSc Mingyu Gao Access control with hidden policy and credential Ye
MSc Gabriel Hartmann Unscented Kalman filter sensor fusion for monocular camera localisation Klette
MSc Bo Jin Investigation of Steganalysis Techniques Manoharan
MSc Kun Ju Monocular head pose estimation for driver assistance systems Klette
MSc Qin Liu Multi-feature adaptive Odin wrapper Warren I
MSc Bingchen Liu GPU-accelerated direct volume rendering of curvilinear finite element models Wuensche/ Ropinski
MSc Thomas Lynch Detection of regular patterns in data streams Dobbie/Koh
MSc Steven Marsh DFNRS: Digital field notes retrieval system Amor
MSc Sharvin Ragavan P systems inspired stereo matching Nicolescu
MSc Yang Sirui A computer vision based bimanual natural user interface for 3D modelling Delmas
MSc Philip Stevens An investigation of feature-based grouping in hand-drawn diagrams Plimmer
MSc Surya Tjahyono A GPGPU-accelerated texture-based radiosity technique with support for dynamic environments Lutteroth
MSc Bryce Van Dyk Using OpenGL State History for Graphics Debugging Weber/Lutteroth/Wuensche
MSc Ralph Versteegen Computing Obstruction Sets Dinneen/Conder
MSc Chen Wang Providing data level access control for web services Ye
MSc Guo Xiao Cost based stream-relation join alogrrithm selection Dobbie/Weber
MSc Qian Zhang Efficient execution of Bpel process Ye


Degree Graduate Thesis Title Supervisor
PhD Zulfiqar Ahmad A Quranic Security Analysis of Pakistan's Identity Management System Thomborson
PhD Fu'Ad Al Tabba' A study of Hybrid Transactional Memory Goodman
PhD Rachel Blagojevic Using Data Mining for Digital Ink Recognition Plimmer
PhD Guocai Chen Semantic Space Models for Classification of Consumer Webpages of Metadata Attributes Warren J
PhD Santiago Franco Automatic Heuristic Selection, on a Problem by Problem Basis, using an Analytical Model and In Situ Sampling Barley
PhD Ke Geng Semantic Query Optimisation for XML documents Dobbie
PhD Joseph Heled Beysian Computational Inference of Species Trees and Population Sizes Drummond
PhD Christian Hirsch The Visual Wiki: A New Metaphor for Knowledge Access and Management Hosking
PhD Masoud Khosravani Searching for Optimal Caterpillars in General and Bounded Treewidth Graphs Dinneen
PhD Matthias Krueger Segmentation of Surfaces Using Active Contours Delmas
PhD Lei Li An Integrated Visual Approach for Business Process Modelling Hosking
PhD Stefan Marks A Virtual Environment for Medical Teamwork Training with Support for Non-Verbal Communication using Consumer-Level Hardware and Software Wuensche
PhD Norhayati Mohd Ali Critic Specification for Domain-Specific Visual language Tools Hosking
PhD Norsaremah Saleh Investigating the Effect of Students' Personality Traits Towards Improving Pair Programming's Effectiveness as a Pedagogical Tool for CS/SE Education Mendes
PhD Tobi Vaudrey Robust Dynamic Vision from a Moving Platform Klette
MSc Alastair Abbott Quantum Random Numbers: Certification and Generation Calude
MSc Ali Akhtarzada Wiki Ratings: Algorithms, Design and Architecture Hosking/Calude
MSc Shuang An Animated 3D visualisation of stereo and motion analysis on EISTAS data Klette
MSc Zhiyu Bao QoS-Aware Web Service Composition Choreography Ye
MSc Jacob Bellamy-McIntyre OpenID and the Enterprise: A model-base analysis of single sign-on authentication Weber/Lutteroth
MSc Niraj Navneet Datt Membrane Topological Discovery Algorithms for P Systems Dinneen/Calude
MSc Zhihui Deng Versioning in a Triplestore Weber/Lutteroth
MSc Aisha Fenton The Bees Algorithm for the Vehicle Routing Problem Dinneen
MSc Tianxu Ge A Study of Free-riding in BitTorrent Manoharan
MSc Haokun Geng Track Recognition for Environmental Surveillance Klette/Nicolescu
MSc Rui Gong Belief propagation based stereo matching with due account of visibility conditions Gimel'farb
MSc Li Guan Crowds by example:Sketch-based modelling of large spatial distributions Wuensche
MSc Nan Ke State Complexity of Finite State Automata Khousainnov
MSc Anthony Lau Real-time 3D hand tracking for 3D modelling applications Delmas/Gimel'farb/Lutteroth
MSc Lian Hoy Lee Enhancing Wikipedia with Semantic Technologies Weber/Lutteroth
MSc Jing Li Improvements to Image Data Hiding Manoharan
MSc Yanfeng Li A social networked-based information dissemination scheme Ye
MSc Wenbo Liu Measurements of DNS and DNSSEC Brownlee
MSc Anand Narayan Novel Framework for Transaction Based Web Applications in Compute Cloud Dobbie
MSc Minh Hoang Nguyen Accelerated 3D Content Creation using Stereo from Motion Wuensche/Lutteroth
MSc Lei Qian Analysis of TCP flows based on applications and round-trip time Carpenter/Brownlee
MSc Jiangfeng Ren Network Trace Derived Application Performance Metrics Brownlee
MSc Tania Roblot The Computation of Finite-State Complexity Calude/Dinneen
MSc Konstantin Schauwecker Vertical Road Profile Modelling Using Stereo-Vision and B-Spline Curves Klette/Manoharan
MSc Di Sun GPS and Lane Detection for Accurate Trajectories in Vision-Based Driver Assistance System Klette/Manoharan
MSc Guanyu Sun Temporal extension for SPARQL Weber/Lutteroth
MSc Mengdi Wang Exploring intuitive methods for creating Euler and spider diagrams Plimmer
MSc Se Young Yu IPv6 - IPv4 Coexistence Technique Carpenter
MSc Chi Zhang XPath semantic checking tool Dobbie
MSc Lei Zhong Protecting Data on Service Providers Ye


Degree Graduate Thesis Title Supervisor
PhD Norhayati Mohd Ali Critic specification for domain-specific visual language tools Grundy/Hosking
PhD Rainbow Yuhong Cai High level support for performance engineering and model integration and model transformation Hosking/Grundy
PhD Guocai Chen Semantic space models for classification of consumer webpages on metadata attributes WarrenJ
PhD Yulong Gu Unleashing the power of human genetic variation knowledge : New Zealand stakeholder perspectives WarrenJ
PhD Jeong Seon Koo Daily mortality analysis in relation to meteorological and air pollutant data using compound backpropagation multi-layer perceptron neural network models Guesgen/Riddle
PhD Matthias Krueger Segmentation of surfaces using active contours Delmas
PhD Richard Lei Li An integrated visual approach for business process modelling Hosking
PhD Wai Lok Sibon Li Rates of molecular evolution and phylogenomic inference Drummond
PhD Jiamou Liu A journey from finite to automatic structures and beyond Khoussainov
PhD Thusitha Mabotuwana ChronoMedIt: a computational quality audit framework for better management of patients with chronic disease WarrenJ
PhD Carl Schultz Methodologies for the development of qualitative spatial and temporal reasoning applications Amor
PhD Sergei Shorin Modelling Inhomogeneous Noise and Large Occlusions for Robust Image Matching Riddle/Gimel'farb
PhD David Uthus Sports scheduling: an artificial intelligence approach Riddle/Guesgen
PhD Tobi Vaudrey Driving Assistance Software Klette
PhD Hong Yul Yang Measuring indirect coupling Tempero
MSc Itamar Amith Minimal membership automata for families of bounded treewidth Dinneen
MSc Zhiyu Bao QoS-aware web service composition choreography Ye
MSc Yi Chen A Hybrid Scheme for Controlling Transactional Composite Services Ye
MSc Anando Diggikar Novel frameworks for transaction based web applications in compute cloud Dobbie
MSc Yongqiang Dong 3D TV: a study about current state and future options Klette
MSc John Downs Ambient awareness of build status in collocated software teams Plimmer/Hosking
MSc Xiaowen Gong Finding most likely vehicle path using spatial data Manoharan
MSc Qinwen Hu Improving the QoS requirement by using IPv6 flow label in the Internet Carpenter
MSc Jinsheng Huang Design of an AirTouch System Klette
MSc Kyle Yao-Kai Huang To evaluate and develop a 3D application to enhance and visualise Smartinhaler data Wuensche
MSc Zhangpeng Huo Entropy estimation with parallel computing Nicolescu
MSc Chang Yew Kim Comparing cross company and single company effort models using Bayesian networks Mendes
MSc Lung-Chen Lee Incorporating Transclusion into Document-Oriented GUIs Weber
MSc Jin Liu Detection and Analysis of Fast Flux Networks Brownlee
MSc Zhongxia Cooper Ma Object segmentation in depth maps of stereo video sequences for driver assistance Klette
MSc Vijay Savanth Madala A study of natural hand gesture based human-computer interaction WarrenI
MSc Jeremy Read Comparing Bayesian network and Web-CoBRA techniques Mendes
MSc Feixiang Ren Road feature perception for driver assistance systems Klette/Manoharan
MSc Jing Xie Real-Time Implementation of Symmetric Dynamic Programming Stereo Matching Nicolescu
MSc Xi Yang Evaluation of Motion Analysis on Real-World Video Sequences Klette
MSc Rui Yin An efficient data service layer Ye
MSc Fan Zhang Support for dynamic supply chain modelling Hosking


Degree Graduate Thesis Title Supervisor
PhD Scott Uk-Jin Lee Foundations of semistructured data Dobbie/Sun
PhD Dong Jin Lee Toward empirical IP host traffic measurement in passive network measurement Brownlee
PhD Peng Liu Towards efficient noise-driven concurrent stereo matching Gimel'farb/Delmas
PhD Cameron Skinner On the discovery, selection and combination of building blocks in evolutionary algorithms Riddle
PhD Alexander Woodward 3D human face reconstruction and expression modelling Delmas
MSc Simon Baker Towards the Construction of Large Bayesian Networks for Web Cost Estimation Mendes
MSc Yu Hin Chan Fusing active range and passive stereo data for more accurate 3D scene modelling Gimel'farb
MSc Fangmin Chen Investigating the effect of negatively : correlated relationships in numerically rated collaborative filtering systems Riddle
MSc Hui Gu An ontological approach towards wireless sensor network design and verification Sun
MSc Xuan Guo Iterative evaluation of stixels by applying a quadratic classifier Klette
MSc Sebastian Höhna New efficient algorithms for Bayesian phylogenetic inference using Markov chain Monte Carlo Drummond
MSc Zhao Ji Document resizing for visually impaired readers Plimmer
MSc Chong Li Validating P system as distributed computing models Nicolescu
MSc Sameer Mitra Improvements to audio data hiding Manoharan
MSc Hoang Minh Nguyen Web-Based On-Line Computational Stereo Vision Delmas
MSc Wei Pan Comparison of XML compressors Manoharan
MSc Paul Schmieder Comparing basic shape classifiers : a platform for evaluating sketch recognition algorithms Plimmer
MSc Yi Sun Data classifications using entropy estimators: CTW and T-entropy Nicolescu
MSc Stefan Wender Integrating reinforcement learning into strategy games Watson
MSc Rong Yang Life sketch: a tool for sketch-based modeling and animation Wuensche
MSc Jun Yi Practical estimation for Shannon entropy Nicolescu


Degree Graduate Thesis Title Supervisor
PhD Raimund Eimann Network event detection with entropy measures Speidel
PhD Christof Lutteroth AP1: a platform for model-based software engineering Weber
PhD Anirban Majumdar Design and evaluation of software obfuscations Thomborson
PhD John Rugis Digital surface curvature Klette
PhD Pavel Semukhin Topics in computable model theory Khoussainov
MSc Vishal Ahuja IPFIXMet: flow measurements using NeTraMet and IPFIX Brownlee
MSc Xuân Baldauf Semanti: topic maps and their semi-automatic generation from highly structured web sites Amor
MSc Xiaofan Chen Digital ink annotation within integrated development environments Plimmer
MSc Shushi Guan Belief-propagation for stereo and motion analysis of image sequences Klette
MSc Andrew Hay Automatically extending the coverage of hierarchical task network planners Barley
MSc Mengzhou Li Evaluation of protocols to support streaming media  
MSc Jing Li Uncertainty in Diffusion Tensor Imaging Data Wuensche
MSc Zhifeng Liu Performance Evaluation of Stereo and Motion Analysis on Rectified Image Sequences Klette
MSc Felix Manke Texture-enhanced direct volume rendering: using texture morphing and texture transfer functions for detail-rich volume visualisations Wuensche
MSc Rami Mounla QoS-aware web service composition Ye/ Singh
MSc Matthew Sheehan General agent learning using first person shooter game logs Watson
MSc James Xu Sustainable allocation, scheduling and rostering: a real-time visual interactive staff rostering system for airport passenger biosecurity clearance WarrenJ/Sundaram


Degree Graduate Thesis Title Supervisor
PhD Fajie Li Exact and approximate algorithms for the calculation of shortest paths Klette
PhD Karen Na-Liu Li Visual languages for event integration specification Hosking
PhD Jasvir Nagra Threading software watermarks Thomborson
PhD William Feng Zhu Concepts and techniques in software watermarking and obfuscation Thomborson
MSc Fuad Al Tabba' Practical transactional memory: the hybrid approach Goodman
MSc Damir Azhar Implementing an object-oriented network traffic flow meter  
MSc Michael Brough Sequential automatic algebras  
MSc Chung Choi Interoperability of CAD to integrated system : design and implementation of mapping software between CAD applications and Bisco database  
MSc Gopi Dinakaran Investigating multi-company and within-company cost estimation models for web applications Mendes
MSc Simon Songyue Gu 3D sketch interface for biomedical modelling  
MSc Nicholas Hay Universal semimeasures: an introduction Calude
MSc Qiang Ji Traditional passive replication approach with parallel processing: a decentralized passive replication approach WarrenI
MSc Yun-Bum Kim Graph compounding for the (degree diameter) problem Dinneen
MSc Xiaoli Liu RDWSEE: a reliable distributed web service execution engine Ye
MSc Zhengyuan Luo Investigation of a real-time ETL layer Dobbie/Weber
MSc Zhenzhen Mu Efficient mapping of XML to relational database management systems for clinical data repositories WarrenJ
MSc Gilbert Notoadmojo Exploring the 'Weakest Link': A study of personal password security Thomborson
MSc Paulmi Patel Applying adaptive hypermedia methods & techniques to educational assessments Mendes
MSc Rachel Patel Exploring better techniques for diagram recognition Plimmer/Grundy
MSc Saophalkun Ponlu Integrating GIS to an integrated information environment Amor
MSc Bo Qi An evaluation of communications standards for improving the interoperability of small electronic medical devices  
MSc Jing Qian Early web cost estimation using the Modified Use Case Points method Mendes
MSc Jonathan Rubin CASPER: design and development of a case-based poker player Watson
MSc Yang Max Wang Developing efficient mobile agent systems using aspects Grundy/Singh
MSc Cong Wang Non-blocking zero-indirection transactional memory performance evaluation Goodman
MSc Huiling Wu Performance of distributed services Nicolescu
MSc Jesse Wu The licensing schemes of software and digital media Manoharan
MSc Tianjing Xu JCGROUP a general purpose distributed computation framework in Java WarrenI
MSc Moqing Zhang A Study of 2D/3D active contour techniques Delmas
MSc Shen Zhang The development of a case-based reasoning tool focusing on knowledge maintenance Watson
MSc Zhen Zhou Noise-driven dynamic programming stereo Gimel'farb
MSc Shuyi Zhou Verging axis stereo photogrammetry Morris


Degree Graduate Thesis Title Supervisor
PhD Diana Kirk A flexible software process model Tempero
PhD Jiang Liu Noise-driven concurrent stereo matching Gimel'farb
PhD Santokh Singh Supporting web services systems specification using aspect-oriented component engineering Grundy
PhD Qi Zang Video surveillance Klette
PhD Dongxiao Zhou Texture analysis and synthesis using a generic Markov-Gibbs image model Gimel'farb
MSc Mark Alford Scholarly knowledge systems: the effect of link types on scholarly performance Mendes
MSc Da An 3-D face reconstruction techniques: a comparative study Delmas
MSc Daniel Bertinshaw Weighted update games Guesgen/Khoussainov
MSc Xuesong He AI command system in real-time tactical games Guesgen
MSc Nathan Holmberg A framework for interactive web-based visualization Wuensche
MSc Jason James Construction of a 3D laser line scanner Delmas
MSc Siriwat Karndacharuk Dynamic optimistic replication Ye
MSc Chul Hwee Kim Visual language and environment for statistical surveys Hosking/Grundy
MSc Jingyi Li 2D volcanic soil porosity analysis using image processing techniques Delmas/Morris
MSc Li Li User-centric server performance monitoring and analysis Brownlee
MSc Qiwei Li P2P traffic observations at several sites Brownlee
MSc Yizhe Lin High resolution stereo photogrammetry Morris
MSc Cho Hong Ling Cluster-based network activity modelling  
MSc Zheng Chris Liu The modelling of code generation as a sequence of tree transformations Hutton
MSc Gang Liu Structure from motion: a case study for reconstructing 3D objects Klette
MSc Nicolai Moles-Benfell The use of production complexity in the cryptanalysis of block ciphers Titchener/Nies
MSc Jun Ni A Non-Adversarial Evaluation of Software Watermarking  
MSc Richard Priest Ink annotation for programming environments Plimmer
MSc Kai Shang XML based distributed programming contest control Nicolescu/Dinneen
MSc Teng Teng Unauthorized detection of CT watermarks based on pattern analysis methods Thomborson
MSc David Uthus Hierarchical partitioned framework for the ant colony optimization metaheuristic Guesgen/Riddle
MSc Lei Wang A Constant Encoding Algorithm Which Tamper-proofs the CT-Watermark Thomborson
MSc Xiang Wang Geometric and photometric correction of projected rectangular pictures Klette
MSc Yafei Xiang View specification of multi-view visual environments Hosking/Grundy
MSc Wei Xu An investigation into quality of service issues for web services Ye
MSc Cheung Ling Kelly Yu A visual tool to support the total component engineering methodology  
MSc Han Zhang A Formal Security Modeling and Analysis in B2B e-commerce  
MSc Rui Zhang Interactive GPU-supported rendering and styling of virtual hair Wuensche
MSc Yilan Zhao Target calibration and tracking using the conformal model of geometric algebra Klette


Degree Graduate Thesis Title Supervisor
PhD Joshua Arulanandham Natural algorithms Calude/Dinneen
PhD Robert Sheehan The Icicle programming environment for children Creek
PhD Jarno Van der Linden Practical light field rendering Lobb
PhD Jia Yang Fast string parsing and its application in information and similarity measurement  
PhD Linjiang Yuan Partially supervised texture segmentation and retrieval Gimel'farb
MSc Lubna Al-Fakhri Improving students' learning: pair programming practice for computer science students stage II at the University of Auckland Mendes
MSc Matthew Barrett Towards on open trusted computing framework Thomborson
MSc Edmond Yik Man Chan A case-based reasoning approach: an automated project planning framework Amor
MSc Johnson Chen Authorizing and visualizing colour anaglyph panoramic images with independent objects Klette
MSc Ben Curran Predictive modelling and active site analysis of nitroreductase enzymes Riddle
MSc Li Deng The Evolution of Coronaviruses (SARS-CoV and HCoV-NL63) Ross/Dinneen
MSc Lilin Du Interactive modelling and efficient rendering of trees Wuensche
MSc Ping Fan Partially supervised texture segmentation: a comparative review of algorithms Gimel'farb/Delmas
MSc Ke Geng Addressing operator-made semantic errors in XML queries Dobbie
MSc Shenglin Guo Dynamic and profile guided compiler organisation system Nicolescu
MSc Lei He Generation of human body models Klette
MSc Harvey Ho 2D-3D block matching Klette
MSc Terrence Johnson Finding the shortest average path lengths in Kleinberg's small world model Calude/Dinneen
MSc Rongwei Lai Computational expansion approach for network design Dinneen
MSc Ching Yee Lee Semantic web service and composition Nicolescu
MSc Paul Leys Turing systems  
MSc Akhil Mehra Adding awareness to design tools using a plug-in web service based approach Hosking/Grundy
MSc Mian Pan Identification of descriptive features for scans of astrocytes Klette/Klette,G
MSc Shane Paul Heuristic Analysis: Predicting the Accuracy of Heuristics in Admissible Search Barley
MSc Yilin Shen A middleware system for replicated web services  
MSc Xiao Dong Shi Artificial intelligence in computer games Guesgen
MSc Michael Stay Truth and light: physical algorithmic randomness Calude
MSc Ana Stilinovic Texture analysis of collagen fibers in scar tissue Klette/Klette,G
MSc Kevin Stoeckigt Congestion behavior of multiple TCP streams  
MSc Hua Ying Wan Building dynamic inter-organization business processes by orchestrating web services Nicolescu
MSc Lin Wang Formalizing and validating semistructured data using alloy Dobbie/Sun
MSc Xuenan Xiong EMARS: a P2P system supporting efficient multi-attribute range search  
MSc Ke Xu A search using automatic classification for a specific domain Amor
MSc Xiaodong Yang A fuzzy set approach to path finding in time-dependent network Guesgen
MSc Guan Nan Yuan Understanding Tracks of Different Species of Rats Klette
MSc Hang Zhang Information services in grid computing  
MSc Dejin Zhao Experience of providing advanced mobile thin-client user interfaces Grundy/Hosking
MSc Sylvia Mengxin Zhou A simulation based performance estimation system for e-commerce distributed systems Nicolescu


Degree Graduate Thesis Title Supervisor
PhD Chia-Yen Chen Shape from photometric stereo and contours Klette
PhD Myra Cohen Designing test suites for software interaction testing Gibbons
PhD Feng Gao Trade-off analysis in monitoring IP networks  
PhD Michael Goebel Ensemble learning by data resampling Riddle
PhD Jiafeng Qin A security survey of PHP scripts Speidel
PhD Tiangong Wei Numerical methods for linear shape from shading and height from gradients Klette
PhD Burkhard Wünsche A toolkit for the visualization of tensor fields in biomedical finite element models  
MSc Shuping Cao Thin-client user interface design for the Pounamu meta-CASE tool Grundy/Hosking
MSc Mei Yung Chang Managing web documents using XML and related technologies  
MSc Qian Chen Network monitoring from a user's perspective Speidel
MSc Tavish Fraser Communicating spatial information in cooperative robot teams: a topological map matching and merging approach Guesgen
MSc Sashan Govender A physically based animation engine applied to a hexapod model Wuensche
MSc Jianhua Hao Usage based statistical web application testing Mendes
MSc Halah Hassan Tātari : a tool for the development and evaluation of recommender system algorithms Watson
MSc Therese Helland A service-oriented approach to software process support Grundy/Hosking
MSc Yuman Huang Stereological and geometrical methods for property estimation in digital picture analysis Klette
MSc In-Tai Huang Improved billboard clouds for extreme model simplification Novins/Wuensche
MSc Bo Li A Fuzzy Qualitative Spatial Information System - Dealing with Qualitative Geographical Description Guesgen
MSc Xiang Lin Self-calibration of multiple target positions: a study into the application of geometric algebra Klette
MSc Qiang Liu Caching dynamic web pages Ye
MSc Shahin Maghsoudi Case-based planning adaptation using epistemic logic revision  
MSc Chao Li Ou The detection of dominant points on digital curves and surfaces Klette
MSc Ji Sun Automated video generation using a combination of wired and wireless cameras Klette/Morris
MSc Jacky Win Wai Wan Towards using XQuery to mine XML documents  
MSc Xiaodong Wang Instant messaging Manoharan
MSc Bo Wang Searching for optical orthogonal codes (OOCs)  
MSc Lixin Wang Developing a case-based reasoning tool using database-retrieval technology  
MSc Alexander Woodward Bridging Computer Graphics and Vision for 3-D Facial Synthesis and Animation  
MSc Ting Yang Game engine support for terrain rendering in architectural design Wuensche
MSc Micheal Chun Long Yip Website usability evaluation using logic scoring preference  


Degree Graduate Thesis Title Supervisor
PhD Xiaoling Dai Towards an efficiency electronic micro-payment system Grundy/Mugridge
PhD Byung Doo Lee Multi-strategic learning, reasoning and searching in the game of Go Guesgen
PhD Chi-Kou Shu Computing exact approximations of a chaitin omega number  
MSc Gareth Barton Hand posture analysis and classification  
MSc Cheuk Fun Chan 3D Face Analysis and Synthesis  
MSc Qi Chen An e-whiteboard application to support early design-stage sketching of UML diagrams  
MSc Jing Hong Huang Case-based reasoning for validation/explanation  
MSc Weiguo Jin A structured approach to visualising the event handling specification  
MSc Benjamin Sze Ting Lai Trust in online trading systems  
MSc Ming Li A distributed framework for graph algorithms Dinneen
MSc Fajie Li Movement analysis using stereo imaging Klette
MSc Yongqiang Li Data mapping by using business form copying metaphor  
MSc Jiang Liu A study of dynamic content web caching  
MSc Michelle Lorenz An analysis of the Burrows-Wheeler transform using deterministic information theory  
MSc Jason Lynn Global illumination ray tracing model  
MSc Roneel Naidu A new approach to software process improvement for small software development organisations  
MSc Timothy Smith Studies in automatic efficiency improvement  
MSc Xiao Wang Network traffic flow characterization  
MSc Elfie Wang An investigation of machine learning and case-based reasoning for knowledge acquisition  
MSc Zhong Wei Generating performance test-beds for web-based software architecture  
MSc Jim Mohammed Yaghi Computational Arabic Verb Morphology: Analysis and Generation  
MSc Biao Yang An environment for developing adaptive multi-device user interfaces  
MSc Ho Yee Yip Grid applications and grid performance  


Degree Graduate Thesis Title Supervisor
PhD Stephen Clark Entanglement and entropy engineering of atomic two-qubit mixed states  
PhD Fay Huang Epipolar geometry and camera calibration of cylindrical panoramas Klette
PhD Shou-Kang Wei Analysis, design, and control of stereoscopic panoramic imaging Klette
MSc Jun Bai Exploring component-based software architectures in e-commerce systems  
MSc Rainbow Yuhong Cai Generation of distributed system test-beds from high-level software architecture descriptions  
MSc Ye Chen Classification and identification of web sites and pages in a specific domain Amor
MSc Guoliang Ding Aspect-oriented component engineering  
MSc Qiang Dong Workflow simulation for international trade  
MSc Raimund Eimann Efficiency and security improvements for the CORMORANT Conference Management System  
MSc Chengwei Ge Semi automatic version mapping for schemas  
MSc Yong He Tamperproofing a software watermark by encoding constants  
MSc Hongying Lai An implementation of an online shopping cart using drag and drop technology  
MSc Patrick Lam Walking algorithm for small humanoid  
MSc Shengjiang Lu Towards feature-based e-building matching in a building simulation quality assurance system Amor
MSc Daniel Daw Yiin Ngu RoboCup rescue: a distributed constraint satisfaction approach to the implementation of the fire brigade agents  
MSc April Nixon An integrated, continuous approach to software training authoring, delivery and monitoring  
MSc Ruobing Pan Functional size measurement of web applications  
MSc Ximing Qi Process-based discrete event simulation library for C#  
MSc Paul Reedy DNA computation: gene networks and DNA computers  
MSc Fariba Shadabi An investigation into software effort estimation  
MSc Jason Stevens Impulse-based dynamics and neural-network control of artificial stick figures  
MSc Dahai Sun Implementing a data-driven web site for a research community  
MSc Jonathan Teutenberg Accent identification using wavelets  
MSc Richard Warburton A drag and drop editor for interaction and personalisation of web pages  
MSc Haipeng Wu Implementation of a database-driven web site for AI-CBR community  
MSc Tinghua Xu Bridging the gap between design and implementation  
MSc Ping Xu Applying layerisation: enhancement to both reusability and separation of concerns in enterprise-wide component-based systems  
MSc Guanglun Yu Towards dynamic evolution of business systems Hamer
MSc Jun Yu The effect of branches on dual processor prefetching  
MSc Nian Zhou The broadcasting problem for bounded-degree directed networks Dinneen
MSc Dongxiao Zhou Fast texture synthesis with bunch sampling  
MSc Wenjing Zou Adaptable user interfaces for diverse human-computer interaction devices  


Degree Graduate Thesis Title Supervisor
PhD Peter Kulka High resolution splatting Lobb
MSc Zili Deng Exploiting parse trees for graphs of bounded treewidth Dinneen
MSc Matthew Goode Towards an adaptive artificial creature: experiments in reinforcement learning  
MSc Fang Guo Finding the minimum broadcast time of bounded degree networks by backtracking Dinneen
MSc Hing Pan Leung Comparison of communication technologies using a large-scale system  
MSc Jihong Li A fifth generation messaging system  
MSc Hong Liu Hyperwave online employment system  
MSc David Maplesden Tool support for design patterns  
MSc Rakesh Patel Aspect-oriented component engineering  
MSc Zhou Peng Drawing graphs of bounded treewidth/pathwidth Dinneen
MSc Sudhir Reddy A reusable web based participant registration and conference administration system for scientific conferences  
MSc Cameron Skinner Dynamic scheduling in a medical domain  
MSc Hao Jie Sun Surface area measurement based on polyhedrization Klette
MSc Andrew Thomson A path following system for autonomous robots with minimal computing power  
MSc Chung-Ta Tsai The impact of interactive multimedia on digital museum education  
MSc Yuan-sheng Tsai Shape recovery of a mannequin using PSM and SFC  
MSc Shyh-Chyu Wang Curly hair rendering  
MSc Xing Wang Building multi-device component-based thin-client groupware system  
MSc Fengjie Wu A framework for memetic algorithms  
MSc Liming Wu Integration of shape from contour and photometric stereo Klette
MSc Tao Wu Likelihood and confidence of terrain profiles in the symmetric dynamic programming stereo  
MSc Weidong Xu Online evaluation of clustered search engine results : design, implementation and results  
MSc Fan Xu Checkpointing in internet-based distributed computing systems  
MSc Chaitanya Yavasani Sequential and branch target prefetching  
MSc Linjiang Yu Surface area estimation for 3D digital objects based on relative convex hulls Klette
MSc Qi Zang Counting of people Klette
MSc Yongbao Zhang Calibration of dynamic stereo and binocular stereo for large scale objects Klette
MSc Nianping Zhu DISSAG : a software development environment for distributed information systems  


Degree Graduate Thesis Title Supervisor
PhD Peter Gutmann The design and verification of a cryptographic security architecture  
PhD Jenny Shearer Cyber Ethics. Communication Principles and Policies of the Internet  
MSc André Cesta From dynamic languages to dynamic architectures: the Java code incorporation approach  
MSc Kai Jung Chow A case-based cardiology learning system on the web  
MSc Li Huang Anytime path planning for mobile robots in highly dynamic environments  
MSc See Mu Kim Data prefetching with dual processors  
MSc Siu Kei Lee Massive search with bagging  
MSc Hao Li Probabilistic regularisation of symmetric dynamic programming stereo  
MSc Peiming Liang Randomness and cellular automata  
MSc Ching Kwan Ng Regularity-preserving metrics  
MSc Robin Otte Physically Based Modelling and Animation of Rigid Body Systems  
MSc Yongjoo Park Learning and comparison of pursuit and evasion strategies in finite space  
MSc Goran Rustic Performance issues in large databases  
MSc Michael Sanders Evolving locomotion controllers for virtual creatures  
MSc Po Parker Shao 3D reconstruction of piscine vision  
MSc Qiaosheng Shi Postprocessing for dynamic programming stereo  
MSc Haobi Wang A web-based workflow management system for a rental car company  
MSc Liu Xiong Vertex cover obstructions and a minor containment algorithm Dinneen
MSc Yale Yuanhua Yu Measuring Data Cache and TLB Parameters under Linux Thomborson
MSc Qinghui Zeng Complexity and randomness as invariants for number representations  
MSc JianQuan Zhang Image matching for uncalibrated multiple-view scene reconstruction  
MSc Jian Zhong Relative image orientation for multiple-view stereo  


Degree Graduate Thesis Title Year
PhD Xiaosong Li A Petri net based technique for graphical user interface design 1999
PhD Thirumalainambi Rajkumar A hybrid risk assessment model using artificial intelligence techniques 1999
MSc Ricky Wing Kei Chan Emotion-driven deformation of non-human faces 1999
MSc Michael Chang Chen Generating strings with specified information rates 1999
MSc Terry Chiu Testing computational complementarity for finite automata using distributed object technology 1999
MSc William Yeung Wah Choi A further study of queue prediction 1999
MSc Vincent Chung 3DComposer - A visual builder for 3D notations 1999
MSc Fu Cheong Fong Surface visualization and 3D feature analysis of confocal microscopy images 1999
MSc Yongyi Hu Godel's incompleteness theorems: old and new results 1999
MSc Matthew Kearse An investigation of chessboard problems 1999
MSc Joshua Lawrence High quality volume rendering 1999
MSc Yuping Li Estimation of fundamental matrix in computational stereo 1999
MSc Yuming Lin Path tracking control of non-holonomic car-like robot with reinforcement learning 1999
MSc Wai Kwan David Luk Study of Burrows-Wheeler transform 1999
MSc Jin Luo A new integration technique for gradient fields in polar coordinates 1999
MSc Petrus Mursanto Automatic detection of vehicular axle distance at tollgates 1999
MSc Daniel Nixon A fluid based soft object model 1999
MSc Yanlan Pan Uncalibrated 3D reconstruction by multi-views 1999
MSc Ching-Yi Tsai A comparative study of two astronomical software packages 1999
MSc Man Hon Wong Image analysis of confocal microscopy chondron volume data 1999
MSc See Wong A visual object-oriented modelling environment 1999
MSc Feng Wu Evaluation of 3D feature calculations for digital objects 1999
MSc Ben Yip Border measurement analysis for planar objects 1999
PhD Asat Arslanov Topics in algorithmic information theory 1998
PhD Ulrich Günther Robust source coding with generalised T-codes 1998
MSc Gordon Alford DNA computations: from Turing machines to H systems 1998
MSc Jeremy Anthony Simplified recommender system 1998
MSc Sanjoy Banik An interactive computer vision course 1998
MSc Chia-Yen Chen Image stitching: comparisons and new techniques 1998
MSc Ling Chen Telephony over the Internet 1998
MSc William Yeung Wah Choi A further study of queue prediction 1998
MSc Paul Denny Search and enumeration techniques for incidence structures 1998
MSc Morteza Khomami Study of queue prediction: a fast cell scheduling algorithm 1998
MSc Jeong Seon Koo DermatExpert : a knowledge based system for dermatological diagnosis through the Internet 1998
MSc Shane Legg Solomonoff Induction 1998
MSc Douglas Low Java control flow obfuscation 1998
MSc Angela Kar Man Ng Towards 3D model reconstruction from photometric stereo 1998
MSc Grant Ng Fitting surfaces to multiple orthogonal contour sets 1998
MSc Kirubalaratnam Nithyaganesh The talk-net project: real-time speech communications using T-codes 1998
MSc Benjamin Noonan Distributed event controller 1998
MSc John Pearson Heuristic search in route finding 1998
MSc David Poon Just in time VRML 97 volume rounding with polyhedron bevelling 1998
MSc Leon Quiding A Formal Model and General Theory for Comparator Networks 1998
MSc Natalie Spooner A flexible approach for machine control 1998
MSc Jarno Van der Linden Querying in program visualisation 1998
MSc Shou-Kang Wei Three-dimensional view synthesis from multiple images 1998
MSc Richard Westera Interactive machine translation using an Interlingua 1998
MSc Nan Yang Shortest polygonal Jordan curve calculations 1998
MSc Shao-Zheng Zhou Reconstruction of multiresolution surfaces 1998
PhD Robert Amor A generalised framework for the design and construction of integrated design systems 1997
PhD Elena Calude Automata-Theoretic Models for Computational Complementarity 1997
MSc Tom Wing Kai Chan Synchronisation library for PVM 1997
MSc Sunny Daniels A state-based model of parallel computation 1997
MSc Andrew MacGibbon Debugging for lazy functional languages 1997
MSc Thushanii Rodrigo Spatial analysis of braille reading experimental data (SABRED) 1997
MSc Worik Stanton Clinical trial optimization by heuristic search 1997
MSc Keith Wansbrough A modular monadic action semantics 1997
PhD Matthew Tong Chi Fai General hashing 1996
MSc Robert Blandford Type algebra 1996
MSc Peter Dansted Convolutional Smoothing of Polyhedra 1996
MSc Chan Ming Fai Mental map system design issues in navigating the visually impaired 1996
MSc Jonathan Histed A data model for reasoning in geographic information systems 1996
MSc Burkhard Wünsche A fast polygonization method for quasi-convolutionally smoothed polyhedra 1996
PhD Jennifer Lennon New aspects of hypermedia systems 1995
PhD Achim Schneider Hypermedia support for university activities 1995
MSc David Norman Emergence in artificial intelligence : a study of the properties of cellular automata and genetic algorithms 1995
MSc Anne Philpott Fuzzy constraint satisfaction 1995
MSc Stuart Woolford Vector quantisation and wavelet based image compression for architectural type image data 1995
MSc Stephen Fenwick A visualization system for object-oriented programs 1994
MSc Xiaoge Li A polymorphic type system for a Prolog based object-oriented language 1994
MSc Kenneth Mcleod Functional languages and their application in computer graphics 1994
MSc Nicola Sanders A new method for the random generation of context sensitive compiler test programs 1994
MSc Mark Scaletti Modular neural networks for object recognition 1994
MSc James Webb Probabilistic algorithms for solving combinatorial optimisation problems 1994
PhD John Grundy Multiple textual and graphical views for interactive software development environments 1993
MSc Christopher Anderson A computer rendered and interpolated signing system 1993
MSc Shaun Blackmore Quantum: a dual constraint propagation and multi-paradigm programming language 1993
MSc Bryce Boland Time escrow cryptographic protocols 1993
MSc Petrus De Vocht Debate moderation using computers 1993
MSc Justin Elliott Distributed and parallel computing : an implementation and examination of C-Linda 1993
MSc Ian Thomas The circuit model of parallel programming 1993
MSc Jason Williams Object-precision methods for visible surface determination 1993
MSc Andrew Willmott Fuzzy rendering for high-quality image generation 1993
MSc Wei-sheng Yan Computer network accounting management 1993
MSc Abolghasem Asgari An ethernet performance monitor: traffic analysis of the campus network 1992
MSc Mark Copeland Parallel processing using C-Linda on the transputers 1992
MSc Roy Davies Towards the development of a robotic reaching aid using a modular robot control and simulation environment 1992
MSc Michael Diack Domestic communications network 1992
MSc Peter Gutmann Practical dictionary/arithmetic data compression synthesis 1992
MSc Adrian Krzyzewski Knowledge-based solutions in automated manufacturing 1992
MSc Guyon Roche Image rendering without point sampling 1992
MSc Christopher Wylie Studies in coherent ray tracing 1992
MSc Kemp Ashby Pattern recognition using neural networks 1991
MSc Mark Brodsky Expert systems in factory control 1991
MSc John Grundy A visual programming environment for object-oriented languages 1991
MSc Lawrence Lau A study of parallelism: application of transputers in a numerical environment 1991
MSc David Plumpton Image rendering by radiosity techniques 1991
MSc Kevin Wells Exploitation of coherence in animation 1991
MSc Grant Wilson Graphical illustration of a generalised simulation system 1991
MSc Qun Zheng Registers and cache memories: an architecture investigation 1991
PhD John Hamer Expert systems for codes of practice 1990
PhD Warwick Mugridge Enhancements to an object-oriented programming language 1990
MSc Bruce Benson Graphical programming in a general purpose simulation system 1990
MSc Christopher Cooksey A practical ray tracer that exploits ray coherence 1990
MSc Simon Handley The automatic exploitation of coherence: a feasibility study 1990
MSc Poricottal Idicula Drawing trees in grids 1990
MSc Nicolas Ivanov Design and implementation issues in a natural language help system 1990
MSc Graham Matthews Ghola: a language for modelling and simulation in general systems 1990
MSc Catherine Scherp Parallel sorting algorithms 1990
MSc John Clausen User interface and control issues in expert systems 1989
MSc Christopher Fromont An investigation of knowledge-based design 1989
MSc Mark Halstead Exploiting coherence in ray tracing 1989
MSc Robert Clerk A robot simulation 1988
MSc Bernard Dales Writing a code generator for C on the VAX using CGSS 1988
MSc Stephen Hawkins Hidden surface removal in object space 1988
MSc Steven Lomas An expert system for a seismic loadings code 1988
MSc Lex Miller LOVE: learning from observations converted into examples 1988
MSc Paul Reddy Solving the hidden surface problem 1988
PhD Mubin Ahmed Aziz Runge-Kutta methods for oscillatory problems 1987
MSc Lee Booth Qualitative reasoning 1987
MSc Christopher Carter Efficient implementation of Runge-Kutta methods for stiff ordinary differential equations 1987
MSc Robert Chew Matching techniques to tasks in expert systems 1987
MSc Gordon Clare STEM: an extensible language 1987
MSc Ross Clement The automatic generation of expert systems from examples 1987
MSc Kelvyn Flavall Local area networks 1987
MSc Philip Lincoln Image rendering using ray tracing 1987
MSc Jean-François Pirus MaSCS: a Macintosh Sequential Circuit Simulator specifically designed for introducing students to sequential logic 1987
MSc Umesh Solanki ECCLES: Environment for Computing Complicated Logical Expressions Simply 1987
MSc Ian Anderson Improved addressing with a decoupled architecture 1986
MSc Martin Buis The construction of expert systems 1986
MSc Liew Ping Teh PDB: an interactive assembly level debugging system 1986
MSc Paul Carter Program analysis using lists and code optimisation 1985
MSc Bruce Palmer An interactive simulator for logic circuits 1985
MSc John Thornley An implementation of the Pascal programming language 1985
MSc Graeme Bell A sequential circuit organisation tutor 1984
MSc Warwick Mugridge Frame-based knowledge representation 1984
MSc Fong Yam A dynamic program loader based on segmentation 1984
MSc Bruce James An Interactive structured Basic Compiler 1983
MSc Paul McGlashan The language "B": a definition, compiler and virtual machine 1983
MSc Chin May Wong The controller hardware interface for the LSI-11/23 1983