Department of Computer Science

Welcome from the HOD

Professor Robert Amor is pleased to welcome you to our department.

Professor Robert Amor

Computers are pervasive, and impact on many aspects of our lives, from the enormous social impact of computer games, email, and the web, through booking airline tickets and navigation systems to banking. We expect these systems to work correctly all the time and if they don’t our lives can be seriously impacted. As a result, the need for Computer Science graduates has increased dramatically, leading to a skills shortage across the IT sector.

The Department of Computer Science at The University of Auckland is the largest department in New Zealand. We offer a very broad range of courses spanning almost all aspects of Computer Science. The department has a strong research focus, with more than 40 academic staff actively undertaking research, much of it in collaboration with international researchers and local industry. This means our degree programmes are leading edge, our graduates are well prepared for the challenges of the dynamic and fast growing software industry and are very well received by industry employers.

We look forward to seeing you in our classes in the near future.

Professor Robert Amor
Head of Department