The Myra Cohen Department of Computer Science

Visitors to the Department

Each year numerous academic staff from other universities worldwide make extended visits here. If you wish to join them, please follow this process

Information for Visitors to the Computer Science Department

  • Every academic visitor to the department should have a host, who is an academic staff member in our department. The catch-all "host" for those who do not have any other host is the Visitor Coordinator (see below). Visits of a non-academic nature are the responsibility of the Head of Department.

  • It is the responsibility of the host to inform the Head of Department, the Group Services Coordinator and the Visitor Coordinator of all visits longer than one day.The HoD's approval prior to the visit is important, both for health and safety reasons and for networking opportunities. The minimum information required for HoD approval are the proposed dates and the expected benefits/outcomes of the visit.

  • If no resources are required from the department, then nothing further is required. 

  • The Department can provide computer access and a University ID card (allowing use of photocopiers and the library), access card/keys, and a desk. We cannot guarantee a desk in a shared office - it may be in an open area or the host's office. Follow the procedure outlined below to ensure these resources are secured. This should be done at least 1 week prior to a short-term visit, or 1 month prior to a 6+ month visit.

  • For long visits, teaching may be available. Contact the the Head of Department for more information.
Note: Other Computer Science and Information Systems departments in New Zealand (and/or other departments in Auckland) may be interested in a visitor. Depending on the topic and the time of year, many departments will be able to offer a visitor a contribution toward their travel costs within New Zealand, and/or reimbursement for accommodation.

The Head of Department is Prof Robert Amor and the Visitor Coordinator is Rizwan Asghar.