Auckland University Compsci Society named new club of the year

20 October 2017
Auckland University CompSci Society Club Awards 2017
From left to right: AUSC executive team members Luke Canes, Rachel Wong, Paul Tanchareon, Melise Kee, and Kirsten Meates.

Auckland University CompSci Society (AUCS) are living up to their goal of bringing more energy and innovation to the University’s campus.

Named as New Club of the Year and Overall Club of the Year at the University of Auckland’s 2017 Club Awards, AUCS work very closely with the Department of Computer Science, as well as leaders in the IT industry, to empower and equip students with skills and experiences in addition to what is available in classes.

AUCS President, Paul Tanchareon, says the executive team try to find a balance between social, competitive and academic events for their members, and activities are often free.

What he enjoys most about AUCS is seeing the club slowly grow into a friendly community of innovators, developers, and designers who are passionate about technology.

“We’re building a student community for one of the fastest growing industries in today’s world, so we promote the world of technology and at the same time create fun opportunities for students to network and make new friends.

“Events have included pub quizzes, e-sports tournaments, programming workshops, student showcases, networking evenings, design competitions, seminars with guest speakers and much more.”  

Winning the awards means a lot to them. "It's an incredible way for the team to be acknowledged for the hard work they put in,” Paul says.

“I am glad that everyone has enjoyed the variety of events we brought on campus, and I would like to thank the current executive team and past founding members for making this club a reality. I can assure you that AUCS will continue to bring more events and opportunities to students for years to come."

AUSC launched in July 2016, had their first event in August and just over a year later has 233 paid members (and growing). Most students are from technology related disciplines such as computer science and information systems, but their events attract students from other faculties too.

They welcome new members, so come along and see what this technology driven club is all about!

Contact the Executive Team for more information and follow them on Facebook.

Current Executive Team
Paul (Vanapan) Tanchareon, Renzo Ventura, Rachel Wong, Luke Canes, Amaan Merchant, Louise Whittaker, Kirsten Meates, Malise Kee, and Michael Yu.

Founding Members
Saish Dharvotkar, Karolien Koorts, Karl D'lima, Clinton D'Silva, Raveen Maldeni, Zarish Syed, Amy Wang, Jhett Koo, Ellie Greenly, and Dan Richards.