Cornell's ORIE Master of Engineering Programs

28 October 2016

Thinking about life after graduation?

Consider leveraging your analytical skills and boosting your market value with a Master of Engineering (MEng) degree in Operations Research and Information Engineering (ORIE). 

The ORIE MEng at Cornell Tech in New York City takes students to the cutting edge of technology and equips them with entrepreneurial skills to become true tech leaders. The program is designed to raise data scientists and quantitative analysts who thrive in technology-driven environments that use computational tools, algorithms, and large volumes of data to make intelligent business decisions.  As part of the co-curriculum for all Cornell Tech masters students, ORIE MEng students undertake tech-focused projects, participate in design and studio time, and build their own startup ideas.


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Application deadline for ORIE MEng at Cornell Tech: January 20, 2017 (financial aid); April 10, 2017 (no aid)

The ORIE MEng in Ithaca offers specializations that are highly sought after in today's quant-savvy job market, including Applied Operations Research, Data Analytics, Financial Engineering*, Information Technology, Strategic Operations, Systems Engineering, and Manufacturing. Building upon a solid foundation of ORIE coursework and professional development, ORIE MEng students engage in client-sponsored project work with real data, deadlines and deliverables to bring real value to companies. This platform gives our graduates a competitive advantage in launching successful careers in finance, consulting, analytics, supply chain management, and many other exciting areas.


*Final semester based at Cornell Financial Engineering Manhattan (CFEM) in New York City

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  • Upcoming information sessions for the ORIE MEng in Ithaca

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Application deadline for ORIE MEng in Ithaca: December 1, 2016

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