New Zealand Programming Contest 2016

22 July 2016

The New Zealand Programming Contest (NZPC) will be held on Saturday August 6th this year. This contest is in preparation for the Regional ACM Programming Contest, which will be held later on in the year.

A registration fee is required for entering in the NZPC contest. The department is supporting the registration fees for *all* UoA teams with at least one CompSci / SoftEng member entering in the NZPC contest (note: only a few get department support for the ACM contest, so good performance in the NZ contest helps your selection chances there).\

Each team MUST CONTAIN THREE STUDENTS (which may include graduate students) from the same university. The allowed programming languages are Java, C++, Python, and C#.

If you are interested in joining the NZPC contest, please send the following information to Dr. Yu-Cheng Tu ( by Friday July 29th.

Team name: (as you want displayed on scoreboard)

Team category: (beginner, intermediate, advanced/open tertiary, see for the categories)

Students' UPI(s): (required three of these, with the first one being designated as captain)

Students' full names: (in same order as the three UPIs, for printing on certificates)

Students’ department: (in same order as the three UPIs)

For more information about the NZPC, please visit the official website (