Norm emergence in multiagent systems Event as iCalendar

23 August 2018

3 - 4pm

Venue: City Campus

Location: Room: 303-561

Host: Department of Computer Science

Cost: Free

Speaker: Professor Ho Fung Leung, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Chinese University of Hong Kong.


The study of emergence of social norms has been one of the interesting research topics in multiagent systems. 

Professor Ho Fung Leungstarts this talk by introducing the notation of autonomous agents and multiagent systems in artificial intelligence, and a brief review of previous research work on norm emergence in multiagent systems. 

He will then present his recent work on local convention phenomena, a type of interesting phenomena, which may also exist in certain multiagent systems. When agents are partitioned into compact communities, different local conventions emerge in different communities. 

He will also discuss the case that agents are aware of the social value of each action under prisoner's dilemma games. During decision-making, agents weigh different actions based on the social values and their individual payoffs.

He models such agents' behaviours with the notion of social value orientation. An experimental study is conducted on different kinds of agent societies. It is shown that dynamic equilibrium phenomena emerge as the ultimate state in some agent societies, and agents eventually develop individualistic or altruistic orientations.

About our speaker

Ho Fung Leung is a Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.  His research interests cover various aspects centring around artificial intelligence, including ontologies, intelligent agents, complex systems, and social computing.  Professor Leung has authored more than 200 publications, including 5 research monographs, and 4 edited volumes.

Professor Leung was the chairperson of ACM (Hong Kong Chapter) in 1998.  He is a Chartered Fellow of the BCS, a Fellow of the HKIE, a Senior Member of the IEEE, and a full member the HKCS.  He is a Chartered Engineer registered by the Engineering Council.‚Äč