Machine learning & blockchain Event as iCalendar

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02 August 2018

12 - 1pm

Venue: CaseRoom1/260-005

Location: City Campus

Host: Department of Computer Science

Speaker: Aaron Li, founder and CEO of


In this talk Aaron Li will discuss how one can build useful applications on blockchain-related data with machine learning, including spam and fraud detection, recommendation system, trend prediction, pattern recognition and parameter optimisation.

He will also show different ways that blockchain could potentially make machine learning better. Lastly, I will introduce a product of my company 

About our speaker

Aaron Li, a former computer science student of the University of Auckland, is the founder and CEO of

Aaron got a BSc  from Australian National University and an MSc in Languages Technologies (Computer Science) from Carnegie Mellon University.

He immigrated to USA and was granted an "Extraordinary Ability Green Card (EB-1A)" (Einstein Green Card). Aaron worked as an engineer in machine learning at Google Research and lead engineer at the startup Scaled Inference" before founding his own company