Human Computer Interaction Perspectives on Multitasking Event as iCalendar

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14 February 2018

12 - 1pm

Venue: Building 303S, Room 561

Location: City Campus

Host: Department of Computer Science


Speaker: Dr. Danielle Lottridge, Lecturer in Computer Science, University of Auckland


What are the effects of multitasking on the quality of our work?  How do people actually multitask in the real world?  Dr. Lottridge will present her award-winning controlled experiment conducted at Stanford university that isolated the causal effects of chronic multitasking on the quality of analytic writing. She’ll then present quantitative survey research that led to the development of a videochat app (Cabana by Tumblr), and a field study observing real multitasking behavior of teens using the app. 


Dr. Danielle Lottridge is a Human Computer Interaction researcher with expertise in consumer and healthcare applications, emotion and multitasking, and is recently interested in movement-based design. She comes to UofA from Yahoo Inc., where she conducted research on news, blogging and videochat. She also completed a postdoc at Stanford University, where she was funded by Google Research Awards to study multitasking. Dr. Lottridge holds an Hon.B.Sc. with Distinction in Human-Computer Interaction (Department of Computer Science) and a Ph.D. in Human Factors Engineering, both from University of Toronto.