From Location to Activity: Human-centric Sensing and Analytics Event as iCalendar

(Science Event Tags, Seminars, Computer Science)

31 August 2017

12 - 1pm

Venue: 303S-561

Speaker: Associate Professor Tao Gu, RMIT University


The emerging mobile and pervasive computing is continuing to evolve and shape our future lives. The research problems in this area are often multifaceted and multidimensional, requiring in-depth and cross-disciplinary knowledge to obtain solutions.

In this talk, I will first give an overview of the work we did in the past few years on indoor positioning, and particularly how we address several critical issues efficiently using smartphone inertial sensors. I will then present a range of solutions to human activity recognition, from wearable sensor based approach in the early days to the recent device-free approach.


Dr. Tao Gu is currently an Associate Professor in Computer Science at RMIT University, Australia. He received his Bachelor degree from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, M.Sc. from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, and Ph.D. in computer science from National University of Singapore.

His current research interests include mobile computing, ubiquitous/pervasive computing, wireless sensor networks, distributed network systems, sensor data analytics, cyber physical system, Internet of Things, and online social networks. His publications appear in top journals such as JSAC, ToN, TMC, TC, TPDS, TWC and TKDE, and top conferences such as INFOCOM, UbiComp, ICNP, PerCom, and ICDM.

He serves as TPC members for many leading conferences including INFOCOM, UbiComp, PerCom, and Journal editorial board members including IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing (TMC), Elsevier Journal of Pervasive and Mobile Computing (PMC), and etc. He is a Senior Member of IEEE and a member of ACM.