SIGGRAPH 1984 Project Topics

Projects are possible on any of the SIGGRAPH 1984 papers listed below. Each paper is available from the compsci715 afs space, in the directory "SIGGRAPH 1984", with the filenames as listed. See also the course's resources page for ideas about where to look for more information about these papers.

I expect you to look up and at least skim the papers before Tuesday. Pick several that you'd like to work on -- we will have only one group per topic so you may not get your first choice.

Plants, fractals, and formal languages

The A-buffer, an antialiased hidden surface method

Beam tracing polygonal objects

Ray tracing with cones

Distributed ray tracing

Summed-area tables for texture mapping

Modeling the interaction of light between diffuse surfaces

Global and local deformations of solid primitives

Ray tracing volume densities