Computer Science

Security for Smart-devices:
Semester 1, City Campus

Recommended Preparation: COMPSCI 340 (Operating Systems)
Assessment: 15% Seminar, 25% Group Project, 60% Final Exam
Lecturers: Rizwan Asghar (Course Coordinator) and Manoranjan Mohanty
Tutor: Wen-Kai Chen (Joseph)

Brief Description

This course covers security features supported by the different platforms for smart devices (e.g., smartphones and tablets). It provides an overview of the most popular OS platforms in the market. The course focuses on state-of-the-art in security for Android and iOS.

The second part of the course consists of student seminars based on research articles. The course also has a practical component, where students get self-organised in teams and operate as a startup to deliver a software artefact.

The course assessment includes 15% individual seminar, 25% group report, and 60% final exam.

Time and Location

  • Tuesday 11:00-12:00 hrs ALR5/421W-301
  • Wednesday 12:00-13:00 hrs OCH2/104-G54
  • Friday 17:00-18:00 hrs MLT3/303-101

Tutorials will start from Week 7.

  • Monday 11:00-12:00 hrs 253-101
  • Wednesday 11:00-12:00 hrs 303-B09
  • Friday 11:00-12:00 hrs 303-B05

Note: The main objective of the tutorials is to conduct some of the seminars by students. The attendance of tutorials is optional.

Learning Outcomes

A student will be able to:

  • Give basic advice on securing smart devices (Themes 1-6)
  • Criticise and appreciate technical literature on mobile security (Themes 1-5)
  • Demonstrate technical skills to increase security of smart devices (Themes 1-6)
  • Prepare and deliver an oral presentation on an advanced topic in mobile security (Themes 1,2,4,5)
  • Develop novel problem solving and research-informed ideas (Themes 1-6)

These themes are defined in graduate profiles.


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