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This course page no longer holds any important information about the course COMPSCI.220.S1.T
for the first semester of 2009at Tamaki Campus.

The course extends materials on algorithms and data structures taught at Stage I (COMPSCI.105),
and examines theoretical and practical aspects of program performance.

A brief outline of the course:

  1. Introduction to Algorithm Analysis: 11 lectures
    (lecturer - Dr Mike Barley>; textbook - Part I)
    • Tools for measuring time complexity
    • Efficiency of sorting and searching
    • Array-based symbol tables
  2. Introduction to Graph Algorithms: 11 lectures
    (lecturer -
    Dr. Mark Wilson; textbook - Part II)
  3. Automata and Pattern Matching: 11 lectures
    (lecturer - Prof. Cristian (Cris) Calude; textbook - Part III)


M. J. Dinneen, G. Gimel'farb, M. C. Wilson Introduction to Algorithms, Data Structures and Formal Languages (2nd edition) ,
Pearson / Prentice-Hall, 2009. ISBN 9781442512061

It is available from bookshops; the course follows the textbook closely.

The booksite has Java code and a page for errata - reporting new errors will probably gain you bonus marks.


25% assignments, 10% test, 65% examination (passes are required in both practical and written work).

Science Faculty Computer Labs at Tamaki Campus

See the timetable of demonstration.

Course Forum

You may visit the Course Forum (see the Stage II group) for asking or answering whichever questions you want relating to the course (the more serious the question, the more serious the answer)...

You should also know our Departmental Policy on Cheating on Assignments and try to follow its guidelines.

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